Jason Davids

Forest Lake, MN
I ordered a gift address stamp for Glenn and Barbara A. in Jan. 2003. I had to go back and look at the sale date, I was with Counselor Realty from 2001 to 2011. They called me this summer and asked me to list their home after not hearing from them the entire 16+ years! They said they always used the stamp, and that when they wanted to list their first choice was to see if I was still in business. Their home was listed by me!!!
Jeffrey Fortune - Lendmark

Waltham, MA
Hello AdStamp, I received this note from my client and thought you might like it...
Jeff, I hope all is well with you. I've been meaning to pass a small but who knows maybe useful piece of feedback along to you. Wherever you came up with that idea for a new address stamp sent to your clients, it's gold, keep it up. I only send "mail" once in a while so I'm not going to order an address stamp. When I do I use yours. I also keep it in my desk so periodically when I grab something in there it keeps you front of mind, exactly how referral networking should work. ...simple but awfully smart -LOU
Anne Conway Day

Omaha, NE
I have been selling real estate with CBSHOME for 22 years. Last week, I closed two transactions with a client from 15 years ago. He called me because he regularly used his stamp and always remembered me when he used it. He specifically requested a stamp with his new home address. What a simple, inexpensive way to remind clients to call you.
Judy Arreola & Kristina Talkie, Hunt Real Estate ERA

Sarasota, FL
We just had a closing and bought a beautiful crystal bowl for our buyers as a thank you gift. They were very pleased. We also gave them a return address stamp with their new address that we had prepaid through Adstamp. They were so excited about that stamp - it was their favorite gift - they were stamping their new address on any piece of paper they could find! We find this to be true each time we give the stamp at our closings. We think it is interesting that a small inexpensive return address stamp means so much. We will continue to give them!
Rebekah Pegusky , Regions Mortgage

Pelham, AL
Adstamp has been my favorite after closing gift for a long time. I believe giving something that will probably be used regularly, that just happens to have my telephone and email information on it, has created many repeat customers and also referrals from those customers.

- Rebekah Pegusky
Paul W. Thompson, Senior Loan Consultant - Bridgeport Lending

Bridgeport, WA
I started using AdStamp when I became a mortgage broker back in January 2005, and I order these stamps for every customer that closes a loan with me. I have found this to be the easiest, least expensive, and most effective form of marketing out there. What other marketing gift out there is an item that everyone uses along with allowing your name and company to be visible every time that gift is used. I just recently closed a transaction in which a repeat customer called me to refinance. He lost my business card, but was able to contact me after locating his address stamp that had my name, company name, and phone number on there. What a great, clever marketing tool and the service Ad Stamp is top notch.

Every Loan Officer should be using these stamps. If he or she is not, then they are missing out on great marketing opportunities. .
Todd Graves, CBSHOME Real Estate
I have been giving personalized rubber stamps as a closing gift for almost 11 years. It is always well received by my clients, and I get the added bonus of keeping my name and number available at all times.
Lasting Presence = Referrals.
Omaha, NE
Sharon Brewer, The Heavenly Sunrise

Woodstock, GA
I have been a customer of AdStamp since 2006. As the owner of a high volume mortgage company, I needed a gift that was useful for my clients...but one that was also on autopilot... as far as getting the gift to my clients after their closings. AdStamp was perfect! They always shipped immediately and with the correct information and high quality. My clients LOVED them! I got many thank you phone calls, thank you cards, and many thank your REFERRALS! In 2009, I retired from the mortgage industry. As promised, AdStamp put my account on hold until I started my next endeavor. In December 2011 (after 2 full years), I called AdStamp and gave them the information for my new business, a vacation rental management company, and AdStamp gladly changed my artwork, sent me a proof and had the remainder of my prepaid stamps ready for shipping. Thank you AdStamp for being a company with integrity! It is so refreshing!
Tim Love, Senior Loan Officer - CFC Mortgage Bankers
I have been sending gift address stamps to my clients as a gift for every purchase and refi since 2007 and my clients LOVE them! It's amazing how much positive response we get from the gift when our clients receive them. It's always a nice and easy process using this service and Kevin is always accommodating and helpful. Truly a great idea and a great service.
Simi Valley,
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